Testimonies from people reading "God Loves Women" are pouring in left and right. Here is one we would like to share with you:
Dear Scarlett,
I read your book and I really enjoyed it. You have such a friendly and clear writing style. Just as you mentioned in your book, I always thought of women in the Bible as weak too, so your book really opened my eyes. I loved how you said "God is not a male chauvinist!" I also liked the part where you said that in the Bible the virtuous woman is unnamed so we can each put our names in Proverbs 31 and become the virtuous woman ourselves. It gives us all a standard to live up to. The other point that really spoke to me was when you said that happiness does not depend completely on our relationships with husband and children (or family and friends, in my case), but on our relationship with God. I believe this also. Thanks for taking the time and effort to write this book, you will touch the lives of many women and empower them.
Sincerely, Melissa